Bella Vista Care Center Boarding Reservation

You may request a BVTC boarding date in one of three ways:


1.  Use our boarding request form.  It is a “fillable” PDF form, using your computer’s PDF application.  (Note that the fillable form fields may not be visible/usable unless you open the form in an appropriate PDF application.)
You may then either email the completed PDF file to us, or print it out and send it to us in the US Mail.


BVTC Boarding Reservation Request Form (PDF)

2.  Email Steph Capkovic with your

3.  Phone Steph Capkovic with your request717-515-5146

Your reservation request is NOT confirmed, and your boarding dates are NOT approved,
without confirmation communication back to you directly from BVTC!

You will receive a confirmation email or phone call as soon as possible.

Please read all BVTC Policies for all information pertaining to boarding your dog with us.

(Unfortunately, due to Internet security concerns, we no longer offer online requests.
We value your trust in our services and we value the security of your information.  Thank you for understanding.)